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72 Hour Films

This is our 72 Hour madness for 2014. To be fair, it ended up being an Eastman variation - in an ironic twist surprising no one, reality show-style needs a lot of production, but we're still topping out at about 96 hours.

Here's the randomly generated prompt:

  • GENRE: Paranormal Reality Show
  • CHARACTER: Joan Wellington, Sandhog
  • DIALOGUE: "Believe in me harder."
  • PROP: Phone

The short was shot at a lovely estate up in Connecticut. It's quite pretty as filmed, but I wish the day hadn't been so overcast - it was incredible in full sunlight, especially during magic hour.

This shoot ended up having two mantras: "Nature!" for the local caterpillars' extreme attraction to Rob and "wait, it's a reality show - it's not supposed to be good" for every time we descended into perfectionism.

It may be obvious than none of the writers have actually watched much reality TV, but fortunately, Tom is a veteran of Love & Hip Hop and was able to give us tips.

August 8th, 2014