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Chris Holliday

Chris burst onto the acting scene in late 2007, unleashing a latent passion she'd had since childhood. After spending years observing human behavior and development as a parent and a brand marketing professional she finally had the opportunity to commit herself full time to a career as a performer and went for it.

Following the completion of a conservatory program at T. Schreiber Studio in NYC, Chris' career took off quickly. Her second audition ever resulted in her being cast as a series regular in the TV Pilot Presentation, Bottled Up. Her character, scheming seductress Greta Daniels, was created for her by producers Barry Scott (who had previously cast projects for Robert Redford and Al Pacino) and Bob Sherwood. TV commercials, industrials, print and independent films soon followed, including a lead role as a wife and mother whose husband and daughter go missing in the family drama When North Winds Blow, produced for cable television in 2009. She is currently working on the pilot for an ensemble dramedy B Sharp, as both co-producer and actor.

Chris grew up in suburban Chicago, the oldest of seven children (yes, Irish Catholic). She has an MBA from Northwestern University and a Masters in Education from Trinity College Dublin. She's lived in more than half a dozen cities throughout the US, as well as Dublin Ireland and Strasbourg France. She resides in Connecticut and is a second year student at William Esper Studio In Manhattan, studying the Meisner technique.

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