Infinity Ball
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Cristina Gradilone

Born in DC, raised in 7 countries, and speaks 3 languages Cristina likes to plan events, work on films and is an avid reader. She's half Brazilian, half Italian and she's into karaoke, cooking, D&D, and biking. Her goal in life? To visit all the continents before she dies.

Cristina Gradilone videos:

Tasty Cake

Eddie Izzard would be proud.


Alone Time

Sometimes it's good for a man to be alone with himself. And sometimes, not so much...


West Avenue, Second Place

Just another day at...West Avenue, Second Place.


Cyber Dissonance: The Rebirth of NeoCyprus, Part II 2016, apparently.


Cyber Dissonance: The Rebirth of NeoCyprus, Part I

The future...