Infinity Ball
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Geoffrey Parrish

Classical trained at Emerson, Geoffrey received a bfa in acting (2006). Among his favorite projects is a Japanese commercial regarding life insurance in the event of shark attacks... of course, we don't speak Japanese, so this is an assumption based on clips from jaws that were randomly inserted.

Geoffrey also is a master haiku scribe, trained at the feng Shiu matsudora temple in Nepal.

Oh! Kermit the frog,
How did you find miss piggy
with large plastic eyes?

Geoffrey Parrish videos:

Save or Die

There are two certainties in life: death and axes.


Cyber Dissonance: The Rebirth of NeoCyprus, Part II 2016, apparently.


Cyber Dissonance: The Rebirth of NeoCyprus, Part I

The future...


Dungeons & Drag Queens

Girls who are boys who like elves.