Infinity Ball
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Mia Van de Water

Mia Van de Water is an actress, singer, and self-confessed combat junkie out of Emerson College. Recent projects include Kitt in I Hate Tom Petty (IHTP Productions), Julia in Monkfish (Willi Patton), and Hot Model Chick in Sketchy (the fine folks at Infinity Ball Productions). When not kicking ass or breaking hearts, she can be found methodically arranging silverware at the city's finest dining establishments. Visit her at, open 24/7.

Mia Van de Water videos:


Often an artist's body of work isn't appreciated until long after his death. Sometimes, it's faster.


The Real Housewives of OCD

You'll watch it again! And again! And again! And again! And again!


West Avenue, Second Place

Just another day at...West Avenue, Second Place.