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Seth Morton

Seth grew up in Maine and attended the University of Maine for a degree in Tuba Performance (yes, that's a thing), but found that he hated practicing so he went to the next most logical choice, chemistry. He is currently at Penn State in pursuit of his Ph.D. in computational and theoretical chemistry. To keep sane, however, in his spare time he writes little ditties for internet videos and arranges music for marching band. Other hobbies include poker, programming, movie & classic rock trivia, cats, and damn fine beer.

Seth Morton videos:

Lightning Rod

Sometimes you just have to unleash the your pants.


Cyber Dissonance: The Rebirth of NeoCyprus, Part II 2016, apparently.


Cyber Dissonance: The Rebirth of NeoCyprus, Part I

The future...


Dungeons & Drag Queens

Girls who are boys who like elves.