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Thomas McGinn

Allow me to preface this history by confessing that much of Thomas' early life is collected from legends and hearsay. This lack of primary sources is clearly a result of his life spanning more than one age. I do believe, however, that I have satisfactorily vetted what information there is out there regarding this rather elusive figure.

Thomas was born into the noble forest dwelling elf clan of Swiftfeather. His father and mother, Marius and Iya respectively, both died in battle against goblin incursions some time after his 60th birthday. I will note that during this point in time, the elves of this forest were embroiled in a bloody stalemate with the goblinoid races.

Thomas entered into military service shortly after his parents' deaths. His skill in combat and stealth made him a perfect candidate for the Elven military special forces, called the Tiri Kitor. He excelled in skirmish tactics and became one of the Tiri Kitor's "Forest Ghosts." Thomas' unit successfully raided several goblin encampments and provided essential scouting intelligence to his high command. He quickly rose in rank to take command of his unit. His first military campaign ended in a bloody battle known as the Red River Massacre. The goblinoid army had surrounded the Elven forces, outnumbered five to one, at an Elven outpost known as Red River Post. Thomas, unwilling to surrender, mustered the troops, instructing them how to build traps and briefed them in skirmish battle strategy. Instead of hunkering down and waiting for the larger force of goblins to attack, Thomas led the elves on a series of brutal night time raids that ended in a final confrontation. After a long and costly struggle, Thomas was the sole survivor.

The Forest Elves' Reinforcements were easily able to mop up the remaining invaders. Thomas was given the highest honors and was promoted to Pathfinder status among the Tiri Kitor. This promotion meant Thomas would leave his home, Ellesmere, and enter the human lands as an "Ambassador" to secure the interests of the forest elves abroad.

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