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Xavier Rodney

Xavier recently finished filming the pilot, City Lights and performed in the Off- Off Broadway production of The Odella Williams Show at the Gershwin Theatre in Manhattan. He also starred in a movie, Surviving the Streets; it recently premiered at the New York International/Independent Film and Video Festival.

Xavier received a BFA from SUNY Stony Brook University where he minored in Theatre and Digital Arts. He is a company member of Stories of Substance, which uses drama, humor and music in a creative, powerful and efficient way to educate students about Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drugs (ATOD).

Mr. Rodney will begin production for his web series, Going Nowhere, which he writes, directs and produces. Xavier can be seen in the promo commercial for the Whitest Kids You Know movie, Miss March.

Xavier Rodney was born in Brooklyn, NY. He enjoys film-making, comedy and awesome.

Xavier Rodney videos:

God, the Devil, and Barry: Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is twice as much fun with four.


The Liver

Fifty ways to love your liver.


The Ballad of Clifford & Rex

A forbidden object from places men fear to tread? Yes, please!



Often an artist's body of work isn't appreciated until long after his death. Sometimes, it's faster.


The Real Housewives of OCD

You'll watch it again! And again! And again! And again! And again!


Me Who, Part V

In which our hero borrows a page from Francis X. Bushman.


Me Who, Part IV

In which our hero's circumstances go to pot.


Me Who, Part III

In which our hero learns filial affection has its limits.


Me Who, Part II

In which our hero learns a little bit about automotive safety.


Me Who, Part I

In which our hero can't stand zit anymore.