Infinity Ball
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Bushwick is Burning Trailer

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Produced and Directed by Louie Tremblay
Director of Photography Travis Fowler

Associate Producers Max Kaufman
Andrew Greer

Dani Read
Johnny McCullough

Holly Bartle
Lucy Cottrell
Amelia Louise-Margaret Davis
Sadie Disney
Jessica Faria
Whitney Harris
Genevieve Hk
Alexandra Lamontagne
Magdalene Lyngdoh
Maria Elisa Sills Marquez

"Save Me You Can't Save Me"
Written & Performed by Kalpana

Camera Operators Travis Fowler
Andrew Greer
Louie Tremblay
Sound Jared M. Silver

Lingerie FYI by Dani Read

Creative Director Johnny McCullough

Hair and Make Up Jenny Salerno
Katie Salerno
Intern Alexandra Lamontagne

Special Thanks
Arthur Arbit
Alicia Osborne
Sarah Ruplin
Williamsburg Fashion Weekend 2011

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