Infinity Ball
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CCCCTV: Crossing Over with John Edward

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Produced by Nine Lives Productions
in association with Infinity Ball

Director Naomi McDougall Jones
Director of Photography Louie Tremblay

Head Writer Matt McAllister
Editor Skylar Pinkerton
Created by Caitlin Gold, Naomi MacDougall Jones, & Matt McAllister

Executive Producers Alan Gold, Mark Palermo, & Louis Srygley

Angus Leech ........ Angus Hepburn
Natalie Knickerbocker ........ Natalia Fedner
John Edward ........ Chris Russell
Hamlet ........ Skyler Pinkerton
Abigail Williams ........ Caitlin Gold
Audience Member ........ Christine McKenna
Audience Member's Friend ........ Lou Srygley

Writers Caitlin Gold & Naomi McDougall Jones

Assistant Director Christine McKenna
Script Supervisor Andrew Greer
Make-up Artist Charlotte Colby
Gaffer Silas Robinson
Sound Jared M. Silver
Production Assistant Jessica Goldstein

Special Thanks
Daniel April
Film Friends
Manhattan Theatre Source
Rob Yulfo

Tags: reality TV literature comedy