Infinity Ball
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Gentlemen of Science: Can a Woman be Rendered Agreeable?

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Written & Edited by Ethan Gould & Jared M. Silver
Directed by Jared M. Silver

Director of Photography Sumon Saha

Ethan Gould ... Dr. Heisenbach L. Ravensbaum
Peng Wu ... Dr. Frederick Sakura Tesserect
Sarah Elmaleh ... Homonculus α
Allison Howe ... Homonculus β
and Ethan Gould as the Narrator

"String Quartet No. 1 in D Minor"
"String Quartet No. 2 in A Major"
Composed by Juan Cristómo Arriaga

"Gaslamp Funworks"
Composed & Performed by Kevin MacLeod

Title Cards based on a design by CopyCat Films

Tags: science comedy educational