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72 Hour Films

Results of 2014's 72 Hour Film! (All right, more like 96, but why quibble?)

Written by Jared M. Silver, Dawson Smith, & Connor Twigg

Directed by Jared M. Silver

Director of Photography Robert Cangiano

Simone Deegan...Jessica Tait,
Thaddeus Chadwick...Dawson Smith
Joan Wellington...Sarah J. Hinds
Azazel...Sumon Saha

Eliminated Contestents
Byron D. Isaacs
Tommy McGinn
Victoria Preston
Louie Tremblay

Assistant Director Sumon Saha

AC/Gaffer Thomas Merry

Composer Jordan Cooper

Post-Production Jared M. Silver

Additional Sound Video Blocks

Additional Images
Sarah Sutherland
Used under a Creative Commons License

Special Thanks
Gotham Sound and Communications, Inc.
Richard & Molly Pilbrow
Louie Tremblay

Tags: reality tv, comedy