Infinity Ball
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Kiss of the WereGirlfriend

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Written by Jared M. Silver, Louie Tremblay, & Connor Twigg

Director Louie Tremblay
Director of Photography Jared M. Silver

Dr. Westchester Muscatine........Greg Anderson-Elysee
Dr. Percival Wick........Chris Carlone
Dr. Verbinius Winslow........Thomas McGinn
Dr. Verick Jagaroo........Johnny McCullough
WereGirlfriend........Maya Murphy

Poetry read by Michael Bisberg
Assistant Director Sumon Saha
Sound Mixer Adam Fedock

Editor Louie Tremblay
Titles & Visual FX Jared M. Silver
Music Kevin MacLeod (

Special Thanks to Lucas Lee & Jenny Salerno

Created as part of the Backyart Third Annual 72 Hour Film Festival

Tags: science sci fi comedy