Infinity Ball
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Save or Die

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Directed by Jared M. Silver

Written by Jared M. Silver & Matthew Godzieba

Director of Photography Louie Tremblay

Thomas McGinn
Geoffrey Parrish
Johnny Price
Connor Twigg
Cristina Twigg

Also featuring Sarah J. Hinds

Assistant Director Sumon Saha

Special FX Make-up Kate Klein
Flyer Design Laura Silver

Sound Recordist Jared M. Silver

Editor Sumon Saha
Titles & Visual FX Jared M. Silver

Photos by A National Acrobat*, Rob Boudon*, and Konrad Brattke
* Used under Creative Commons license 2.0

"Scheming Weasel" by Kevin MacLeod

Special Thanks
Frank A. Smith & Elana Levin
Lawrence & Sigrid Silver
and the individuals too numerous to mention who bought,
made, or discarded a million clothing odds and ends
and a plethora of pointy things over the years

Tags: d&d comedy