Infinity Ball
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Sole Survivors

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72 Hour Films
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Directed by Jared M. Silver

Written by David Duong, Jared M. Silver, Louie Tremblay, & Connor Twigg

Director of Photography Sumon Saha

Thaddeus Rhineholm III...Tommy McGinn
Wade...Byron D. Isaacs
Marina...Monique Taylor
Dr. Madison...Amanda Thickpenny
Research Assistant...Sarah J. Hinds
Coral...Sarah Elmaneh
Marco...David Duong

Assistant Director Dawson Smith
Sound Mixer Adam Fedock
Fight Choreographer David Duong

Post Production Jared M. Silver
Music Kevin McLeod

Special Thanks
Michael Bisberg & Laura Silver

Dedicated to Lois Baker Muehl
Who knew a good fish pun when she heard one.