Infinity Ball
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The Gloves

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A Water Street Films Production

Directed by David Duong

Written by David Duong & Dawson Smith

Director of Photography Kelly O'Neill

Pythagoras DuFresne...Dawson Smith
Stanley Firestorm...Peng Wu
Waitress (Penelope Winklebottom)...Ashlee Vann
Woman in Bar (Illyria Smith)...Kelly O'Neill
Ranting Man (Rant N. Mann)...Tim Favorite
Woman at Flower Stand (Mary McMannis)...Corinne Gardner
Woman in Park (Diana Calhoun)...Diana Wirzburger
Debbie Chang...Jessica Tait

Assistant Director Trisha Peck
Program Manager Mike Clevenger
Grip Graham Gardner
Production Design Gavin Rosenberg
Sound Mike Runer
PA Diana Wirzburger

Editors Jared M. Silver & Dawson Smith
Music Kevin McLeod

Special Thanks
Ben Zimbric
Water Street Restaurant